CAD / 3D File

A CAD or 3D file which can be uploaded to VUFRAME®, read more here: Supported CAD / 3D Formats.


ZIP archive of a CAD / 3D file including textures and other files.


A "smart view", which contains one or more 3D Models – this view can be opened with single link, like a YouTube video. See also: 3D Model

(Aura™) 3D Model

What is displayed inside a SmartVu™ – a 3D model is created based on the uploaded CAD / 3D file.

Share Page

SmartVu's® can be shared with a single click. In this case a share page is generated, which is available at, for example:


If a SmartVu® is not shared it is called a "Draft". When a SmartVu® is shared but updated then a new "Draft" is created, which will only be available in the VUFRAME® App, until the changes are shared in VUFRAME® Studio.


An Image that can be recognized by your devices camera. Some old devices need this to measure a rooms dimensions, so that they can show a 3D-Model in the right size. Markers can also be used as a projection plane for the Augmented / AR Browser. Example for a Marker: