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Virtual Showroom

Present your products virtually & talk digitally. With the Vuframe® platform, virtual Events and Exhibitions can be planned and implemented.

Your editable, virtual showroom

SmartVenew™ is a smart, virtual 3D space you create and edit online: fill it with products and content and easily change and update at any time.

    Lead generation online
    eg. via chatbot, contact form, “Call Me” button
    Virtual demonstration in digital conversation
    via Skype, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc
    Send products as “virtual demonstrators”
    via email, WhatsApp / Messages, newsletter, etc. 

Visit us in our virtual showroom to get inspired!

Why a virtual showroom?

It’s hard to get into a conversation online, and you can’t even try out and touch products. Or can you? In the virtual showroom, all this becomes possible: prospective customers can discover your company and your products and touch them virtually. The virtual showroom becomes a memorable “wow” experience - and the call to your sales staff is always just a click away.

Seeing is believing.

Simple content becomes an experience

    More memorable through emotional attachment
    Generation Instagram is addressed

Complex topics can be understood

    “Viewing” replaces imagination
    Less transfer service
    more gratuities

“A modern company needs modern tools in sales and marketing - after all, this is the first point of contact with your customers."

Andreas Zeitler – Founder & CEO, Vuframe

Your products in 3D and virtually in the showroom

Every customer and interested party can discover your products in the showroom. But that's not all: the products are linked and can be called up individually in 3D. Every visitor can easily try out products at home or in the office - in 3D in the browser, on the smartphone or tablet even in augmented reality and virtual reality.

Your virtual showroom

Put your company in the limelight in the virtual showroom. Visitors can visit your 3D showroom in the browser.
Your latest products and further information are linked as 3D products or via "hotspots".


    Websites & Links
    PDFs & pictures
    3D products
Liebherr virtueller Showroom
Conrad Virtueller Showroom

Start a conversation

Visitors can call you with questions or communicate with you via chat window. The showroom can be downloaded - so you will be remembered after your visit.

    Lead generation
    Chatbot integration
    Webinar registration
    and much more.

In the browser & for download

The virtual showroom can be visited in any web browser - an HD version with great additional functions such as augmented and virtual reality can be downloaded for smartphones and tablets.

virtueller Fashion Showroom
Vuframe – virtueller Messestand

Your event - virtually

Did your event have to be canceled? With the Vuframe® Showroom, you can continue to use the complex and expensive design digitally and virtually.

Talk to your stand builder about it!

Partner companies exhibition construction


Try it yourself!

Click here to go to Liebherr's virtual booth at Bauma 2019

Advantages at a glance

The virtual showroom not only offers a short-term solution but also long-term benefits in a wide variety of areas.

Unlimited range

With the virtual showroom you can reach people all over the world without being tied to a specific location. 

356 days a year

In contrast to a normal trade fair, your virtual exhibition is open to customers and interested parties all year round.

Innovative customer experience

Product demonstration with a "wow factor". The virtual showroom is not only fun, it is also remembered.

Present products virtually

Show your products in 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Digital presence

Put your company in the spotlight digitally and convince with a visually appealing and interactive appearance! 

Virtual exchange

Whether via chat, telephone or e-mail - you can keep virtual contact without shaking hands.

Integrations & interfaces

Get in touch and integrate existing material in your virtual synopsis

Create a virtual showroom now!

This is how it works

● Use the 3D drafts of your last exhibition / event as a virtual showroom - we will convert them for you from all common 3D formats.
● Add your products to the showroom: simply upload the CAD / 3D data of the product - The SmartVenew™ software from Vuframe® handles the rest, thanks to automatic visualization.
● No 3D draft available? Choose from our customizable templates - talk to us. 

Virtual showroom

Price on request

    Setup of the showroom based on existing 3D data
    Inspection and information points
    White-label iFrame integration
    Content predefinition of your desired content: links, banners, images, videos, etc.
    Integrations: chatbot, newsletter, lead capture and much more
    Integrate 3 SmartVu's® as a 3D product in the showroom
    Popups & HTML/CSS Overlays

Your virtual showroom for ...

Vuframe – virtueller Messestand

Virtual trade fairs

Large trade fairs are usually booked up quickly or often involve high transport and stand costs.

Despite the cancellation, companies can use a virtual trade fair to demonstrate and present their products - 365 days a year!

Trade fair participants can use info points to move around the virtual stand and call up images, texts or videos.

Products can also be stored in 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality, which visitors can download free of charge to their smartphone or tablet.  

Virtual exhibition rooms

A visually appealing shopping experience not only increases customer loyalty, it also helps to make purchasing decisions easier. 

Via a virtual showroom (virtual catalog), the entire range can be presented to the customer in an interactive and user-friendly manner, even without actually being on site. This offers the customer an unforgettable shopping experience that will be remembered. 

Vuframe – virtueller Messestand
Vuframe – virtueller Messestand

Remote product presentation

Transporting products to customers is not always possible or involves high costs and time. 

With the virtual showroom, training courses or products can also be presented without actually being on site with the customer..

Products in 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality can be made tangible and explained to the customer via "screen sharing" or virtual tutorials.

Features at a glance

Browser version

Your showroom starts as a browser version directly in the web browser - no download required. The browser version contains hotspots and popups.

HD version

HD version of the showroom for download for smartphone & tablet including AR and VR, hotspots, tour, widgets & popups.


You can see how often your showroom has been visited.

Google Analytics integration available!

Chat Integration

You can integrate chat systems such as Intercom directly into the landing page of your virtual showroom.

Newsletter registration

You can integrate newsletter systems such as Mailchimp directly into the landing page of your virtual showroom.

Lead capture

Lead capture, e.g. when downloading the HD version of the showroom: The visitor enters his email address and the download link is sent to him. You will receive the visitor's contact details.

Popups and engagement

On the landing page you can display popups to interact with your visitors, e.g. to draw attention to a newsletter or webinar or to arrange a call back

Vuframe® platform functions

Vuframe® Studio:Online CMS

Vuframe Studio

Manage and update content yourself online and track usage.

One platform –all devices

Vuframe platform

With one click on all devices - no programming knowledge required.

White Label -
completely in your design

Atlas App Editor

Your logo, your colors, your content - consistent and professional external impact

Automatic visualization from CAD / 3D files

1 click solution

Fully automatic, secure & photo-realistic visualizations from CAD / 3D files

Construction kit for visualization & configurators


Get even more out of your products - eg with configuration & animation

Showroom examples

Vuframe Virtueller Showroom

Vuframe® Virtual Showroom

Liebherr Components bauma 2019

Liebherr Components bauma 2019

The SmartVenew™ software from Vuframe®

Create your own virtual showroom

Vuframe® 3D SaaS Platform

Introduce quickly - benefit permanently