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SmartVu® Examples

Virtual Showroom Messestand

Virtual Showroom – Landingpage

VuRobot Showroom exhibition booth

Via iFrame and WebAR you can easily present your virtual showroom on a white label landing page in the browser. You can then exchange ideas directly with visitors via a chat bot.

Produktshowroom KitchenAid Artisan

Produktshowroom – Landingpage

KitchenAid Artisan

Integrate your product into a virtual 3D product showroom in the browser via iFrame. In this way, the customer or interested party can find out about the product before buying and test it in 3D and WebAR.

Web Shop Integration

Web Shop Integration

Amazing Mockup Shop – Demo

Online shopping with a difference! You can present your products in 3D and WebAR in your own shop via iFrame. Buyers can get an exact picture of the product before they actually order it.

Virtual Tour Erlanger Höfe

VR –Virtual Tour

Erlanger Höfe Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of a furnished apartment. Simply tap on the viewpoints in the 3D model to get from A to B. Or take a virtual tour of the apartment with VR glasses or cardboard.

Virtuelle Sales App (Efaflex)

Sales Cloud – Sales App

Vertriebs-App Demo

With a digital white label sales app, you can present products anytime, anywhere. Whether at the customer, in the home office or on the go - all information can be called up via the app as SmartVu®, PDF, video or image.

SmartVu® product visualizations

Produktshowroom KitchenAid Artisan

Product configurator

Freistil 144

With a product configurator, you can easily create an individual version of the product together with the customer. The configured product can then be placed and tested in the room using augmented reality!

Virtual Tour Erlanger Höfe

SmartVu® with animations

Ski boot

Show all product components using an animated exploded view in 3D and augmented reality. Complex products can be graphically presented and explained in an exciting way.

Virtual Showroom Messestand

SmartVu® with hotspots

Santa Cruz 5010

Info hotspots make it possible to store information directly on the product in 3D. As in the sidebar, images, videos, PDFs or presentations can be integrated here to explain the product more easily.

Web Shop Integration

SmartVu® with dimensions

VuRobot - Industrial Robot

Show dimensions and auxiliary drawings directly on the product. You can use product dimensions to clarify size relationships and
better represent spacing areas.

Virtuelle Sales App (Efaflex)

SmartVu® with animation

Palfinger PK 17001

Animate your SmartVu's® to digitally display and test product functions. Movement animations offer the user a realistic product presentation in 3D, AR and VR.

Virtuelle Sales App (Efaflex)

SmartVu® collections

SIEMENS Campus Erlangen Collection

With Collections you can collect SmartVu's® and projects in a kind of folder. In this way, several pieces of information can be shared and accessed simultaneously via a link.

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