Unleash your products with interactive 3D

Show & demo your products with smart, interactive 3D visualizations – anywhere & anytime.

Interactive 3D visualizations for: 

Your sales team
Your retailers
Trade shows

Vuframe® digitizes your sales and marketing through interactive product visualizations and virtual product demonstrations. *

*in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

SmartVu Robot
SmartVu Roboter – Rohe CAD Datei

SmartVu®: CAD / 3D turns into a photorealistic product visualisation


Smart 3D product visualization for modern Sales

With the Vuframe® platform you digitize your sales talks and turn every situation into a virtual product demonstration.



smart product visualization in 1-click

Vuframe® App


3D catalog & media library

Vuframe® platform


Content managment in the cloud for 3D & AR

What is SmartVu®?

A SmartVu® is a smart, digital 3D visualization of your product. It sets your products free for easy and versatile use at any time and any place.

From "Sales talk" to Sales Experience

Vuframe® gives sales staff the opportunity to present products virtually during customer meetings: your products come to life as interactive, photo-realistic 3D models on the tablet.

Customers and interested parties are enthusiastic because they can touch your products virtually - right up to the virtual representation in life size directly at the customer's premises thanks to augmented reality.

Vuframe® is the market-proven solution:

4 out of 5 customers"go live"with Vuframe

80% success rate for pilots and PoCs: with over 100 corporations, large companies and SMEs, more than 150 apps digitize sales and distribution for tens of thousands of daily active users.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera).

Unlimited opportunities

Give your sales team digital superpowers

With Vuframe® you can present products virtually on your tablet or smartphone - in 3D, interactive & photo-realistic, super-fast & fluid but at the same time with small amounts of data and absolutely securely.

SmartVu® Customer Experience

A completely new customer experience

Thanks to the integrated augmented reality function, you can demonstrate each product virtually and in real size directly to the customer on site - that is a guaranteed "wow" effect in customer discussions.

SmartVu® Tube Tapping Machine – Virtueller Rundgang

Take a virtual tour during your sales talk

With the included virtual reality function, you can take the customer on a "virtual tour" around and through large & bulky products & systems - the VR glasses are completely optional.

Andreas Zeitler, CEO und Gründer Vuframe® GmbH

"A modern company needs modern tools in sales and marketing - after all, this is the first point of contact with your customers."

Andreas Zeitler – Founder & CEO, Vuframe

Present all products in 3D with one app

Thanks to the linked media library, the customer conversation is completely digital - the SmartVu's® for your products and all other sales materials (presentations, brochures, price lists, videos, etc.) can be called up with just a few clicks in the Vuframe® app.

Von CAD zum Digitalen Zwilling in AR

More than just "virtual"

When you convert your products into SmartVu's®, they become compatible with the complete SmartVu® kit. You can book animations, configuration options, hotspots and dimensions online for each product at any time.

Vuframe® Studio

Vuframe® Studio: Managed securely and centrally in the cloud

All Vuframe® content is securely stored in a German cloud (Frankfurt a. M.). You can upload, manage and update all content yourself - all employees automatically receive the latest version via an update in the app.

Would you like an individual offer?

We would be happy to talk to you about an individual offer at a free demo appointment. Our prices page provides you with additional information on our finished Vuframe® packages.

Your advantages with the Vuframe® Platform

3D, AR & VR

With our modular system you never rely on the wrong technology: with Vuframe your project is automatically compatible with all technologies!


Vuframe eliminates all technical entry barriers - the first result for a project is available within a few days.


We bring 5+ years of experience in augmented reality and virtual reality to the table - you and your projects benefit from this.

All devices

Vuframe makes your vision work on all devices: on Android. iOS, Windows, on smartphones, tablets, headsets - new and old devices at the same time.


Scale the project team to global use with just a few clicks - and follow the adaptation live on our dashboards.

Transparent costs

A fixed amount per year with clear services - maintenance & updates included. Budgeting is fun for everyone!

Vuframe® 3D Cloud platform

Unleash your products with interactive 3D.

fast integration – long lasting effects

Vuframe® Sales Enablement Plattform


Why choose saas platform?

Why choose SaaS for your 3D product visualization?

Stefan Minack CTO

Vuframe appoints Stefan Minack as CTO and Information Security Officer

XR platform security

Vuframe invests six figures in platform security to ensure their clients’ 3D data is safe